mission_pic“You should not underestimate the effect of your contribution, however modest.” – Atul Gawande

Our Mission

The mission of Leadership Exchange is to cultivate the leadership abilities and nurture social-emotional development of teenagers and young adults through cultural exchange and service-learning trips and to advance humanitarian work in developing nations.

Our Goals

Leadership Exchange seeks to improve the leadership capacity of youth to succeed in a global society. We recognize that service trips are an important part of adolescent development and aim to increase participants’ global consciousness and social justice awareness. We seek to develop character in individuals by setting and achieving goals that far exceed what we have come to expect from ourselves.  Leadership Exchange service trips have transformed the lives of our students, adult chaperones, and the organizations with which we partner.

Our Vision

Leadership Exchange is a global community network that connects individuals of various socioeconomic backgrounds. Through service learning trips and exchange programs, participants are able to learn about and understand members of their own peer group who come from disparate backgrounds. Through dialogue, focus groups, team building, and shared experiences, students find similarities beyond their differences and identify the advantages and influence they possess to have a positive influence on their local and global communities.

Why Leadership Exchange?

  • Leadership exchange is opportunity.  It is cultural inclusion.  It is transformative.

  • You will learn about social justice and be inspired to find solutions for necessary change through our unique curriculum and educational programming.

  • You will expand your comfort zone and strengthen your character by testing your perseverance.

  • You will be empowered to be an agent of change through service learning, volunteerism, community engagement, and dialogue.

  • You will discover the strength of diversity.

  • You will learn to serve a global community.

  • You will learn to become a successful leader in a global society.

  • You will come to view the whole world as your community.

“Leadership Exchange made me realize how much I can do to contribute to social justice.  Sometimes it takes something so small to affect it and provide equality and opportunity for all.  Sometimes it takes a lot, but that effort will go a long way in helping others.” – Lindsay, 2012

“It’s so much more important to make a difference in someone else’s life.” – Lia, 2014