Why Professional Field Guide Training?

Carrying on the passion for the African Bush that Leadership Exchange was founded on, we have partnered with EcoTraining, to offer a unique, one-year long program that will train participants to become a professional field guide in Africa. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for graduating high school seniors and post-college graduates seeking a gap year/post graduation learning experience who have a passion for nature and wildlife, who wish to become professional field guides, or just want to learn more about the African bush.

This program is designed to supply the safari industry with high calibre FGASA and CATHSSETA qualified professional field guides. One year participants will be exposed to diverse ecological and geological terrains, landscapes, and wildlife species at wilderness camps in places like Makuleke, Karongwe, Selati (South Africa) and Mashatu (Botswana).

The Experience

For the first four to five months of this program, participants will obtain theoretical and practical training with highly qualified instructors and complete various certificate courses that will prepare them for the second half of the program. Examples of course subjects are: Basic bush and survival skills, Geology, Ecology, Taxonomy, Tracks and tracking, Off-road and 4×4 driving, and many more.

The following five to six months of the course, participants will be placed in lodges and work with and learn from experienced guides and managers in order to gain substantial working and practical experience.

At the end of the program each participant will be a highly qualified and significantly experienced field guide. There are many possible certifications and designations that participants can earn such as: FGASA Field Guide, SASSETA Competency Certificate, FGASA Advanced Rifle Handling, and FGASA Trails Guide Back-up. Job placement opportunities exist following training.

Course Dates

January 7, 2015 – December 20, 2015
February 1, 2015 – February 12, 2106
August 12, 2015 – July 31, 2016
October 2, 2015 – September 25, 2016

Trip Cost

$39,500 which includes:
select transfers
instructors and training
Wilderness Medicine course
game drive
three sets of uniforms
t-shirt, fleece, cap and beanie
FGASA fees, registration, examination and books
SASSETA Competency Certification
Travel insurance

In order to participate, please complete an online application. You must be at least 18 years old.