Kiara – July 2011

I feel so blessed and filled with gratitude to have been given this opportunity to have such an amazingly indescribable experience. I know that words cannot allow a person to truly feel and experience an event, but the poem I have written is the closes I can get to showing you what the Sunshine Children are like. Every moment spent with them I felt so PRESENT and alive and in tune with my heart. I just knew that I was definitely in the right place at the right time and putting all of my energy into something so beautiful and pure. Those kids were so happy to have every single minute of our time and the completely deserve every second of it. Through my experience at Bana Ba Letsatsi and while visiting some of the kids’ homes and families and hearing stories about their lives, I realized the HUGE, inexplicable significance of the trips us “Americans” make to Botswana every year and all of the time and effort Mr. Crosby, Charlie, Lillian, Trace, Dunga, Onks, and so many other people put into BBL. I am so thankful for this eye-opening experience because it has helped me to see the difference that each and every one of us can truly make in this world when we realize that our lives are lived to their fullest potential when we dedicate to something that is beneficial to others instead of living such a narrow-minded, competitive, and selfish life that is full of the desire to receive rather than give. Especially after meeting an inspiring married couple working for the Peace Corps in Botswana, I could really see myself continuing to live in service of those in desperate need of our help. I hope that I can be strong in preventing myself from getting caught up in the illusions of the materialistic world once I get home by constantly reminded myself of these past two weeks whenever I feel like I can’t pull through any longer. I must also remember to have faith and hope that the beautiful connections I made with so many of those children will continue to lead them along the right path. My dream is to go back in a few years, however long it takes, and find those kids and see how their lives are and what they have accomplished and what help they need to pursue their dreams. I would like to thank Leadership Exchange for that it has made possible.